The members of the Association shall be classified into the following categories:
  • Active membership
  • Associate membership
  • ISTAAs  Partners (sponsors and supporters of ISTAA)
An active member is an ISTAA approved professional travel agency, which meets basic criteria.
Basic criteria of active member- sports travel agency are:
  • Specialization – focused on Sport Travel meaning:
  • Having had experience of handling World Cup, European Championships, Olympic Games, Champions League or similar major sports events and/or
  • Service contract with National Sports Teams in key discipline and/or
  • Exclusive contract with National Olympic Committee
  • IATA accredited agent or have approved local travel license from their respective country with solid insurance guarantee.
  • Dynamic, financially sound and of solid reputation.
  • Known & recommended by at least three ISTAA members.
Active Member
  • is fully empowered to vote and to be elected for any existing ISTAA body or committee.
  • is  empowered to address their recommendations directly to the Board table.
  • can not be excluded  from ISTAA if the membership fee is paid properly and on time and the basic membership criteria are fulfilled.
  • can change status to associate member if due to some changes will not meet the basic criteria.
  • has the right to be informed about all plans and activities of the Board and entire association.
An Associate Member is a sports travel agency , which does not meet criteria of active member but is very active in Sport Travel and has:
  • minimum 3 recommendations from approved members
  • minimum 5 years of continuous sports travel agency activity
  • solid insurance or bank guarantee.

Associate Member

  • is  empowered to be elected or nominated to work for ISTAA  in established theme Committees.
  • can address their recommendations to the Committee or Plenary Session. 
  • loses the membership automatically if the membership fee is not paid on time or cease to meet the basic criteria.
  • can also be upgraded to active member status if the basic criteria are met.
  • has the right to be informed about all  activities of  ISTAA.
An ISTAA Partner Member is an ISTAA approved member which does not meet criteria of active member and associate member, but is willing to be an ISTAA member and support the Association, i.e. companies related to sports events: event management of corporations, PR & marketing companies and sponsors.
Partner member
  • is an satellite business body with strong financial and professional position as well as clear and transparent ethical foundation and business mission in their business environment ;
  • is able to bring an add value into the ISTAA Family;
  • is a major entity ready to co-exist without competing in the sports travel  industry.
  • is  empowered to participate in ISTAA meetings, the work in committees and the information flow;
  • can present their business targets to the members with approval of the Board of Directors and agreed path.

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