Successful i.s.t.a.a. Meet-up during the FIFA World Cup 2018


Great atmosphere at the Moscow gathering on the 12th of July.
Board members met with i.s.t.a.a. members operating in Russia for the World Cup 2018.
Work and fun together, hosted and sponsored by Interesting Russia (LTR).
Over 30 members were present from the U.K., Germany, India, South Africa, U.S.A., France, Canada, Spain, Russia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Croatia…

Congratulations to all i.s.t.a.a. members working at the World Cup, especially to the French and Croatian members for the success of their National Teams!


First photo, Board Members from left to right:
Mayank Khandwala, Cutting Edge, India (Treasurer) | Yoav Bruck, ISSTA Sport, Israel (Board Member) | Pavle Markovic, Ban Tours, Croatia (Board Member) | Nazeer Camaroodeen, Fli-Afrika, South Africa (President) | Wim Jansen, EMboost, The Netherlands (Board Member)