Amendment of the i.s.t.a.a. statutes, Article 14

Dear Members,

A motion by the Board of Directors proposing to amend the i.s.t.a.a. statutes, Article 14, was voted and approved by the General Assembly, by e-voting, on the 1st of September 2018.

The Article states that the new Board Member’s term of office shall last for 4 years, instead of 2 years as in the past.

The reason and purpose of the resolution to extend the terms of office for existing and future board members is that, by doing so, it allows the Board more efficiency based on continuity, to implement initiatives for the benefit of all ISTAA members. It also coincides with the 4 year cycle followed by the vast majority of sports organisations. Therefore, the next elections for the Board will be held in 2020.

You can consult the amended statutes at the below links:

Statutes in English

Statutes in French

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