Cancellation and Medical Assistance Anti-COVID19 by Coverontrip ensureyourgame

Coverontrip ensureyourgame, your sports travel insurance specialist, launches its brand new product –cancellation and medical assistance Anti-COVID19.

This way we believe we can support ISTAA members even further, guaranteeing their customers the level of protection they need in order to start purchasing your packages with more confidence and enjoy while they are travelling.

So if the worst happens and one of your customers is infected by COVID19 we have a solution where they will be covered to claim under the policy and get a refund of the trip cost or if they are already travelling they will be covered if they need to go to the hospital

We are the first player in the market to offer this solution and we are very proud of it, already with a few partners adding these to their portfolio.

Cancellation Anti-COVID19 product covers 36 cancellation causes, which we highlight the ones directly related to COVID19:

  • Trip cancellation due to policyholder being infected with COVID19
  • Trip cancellation due to the death of a family member because of COVID19

This product reinforces the partnership we want to provide to ISTAA members, providing valid and bespoke solutions to their needs independently of the geographical destination.

Some of the other causes cover by this product are: labour reasons, airline bankruptcy, serious illness, amongst others.

Lets partner up, start enjoying the level of protection this product gives you and helping you to sell even more programmes to your customers knowing they have extra peace of mind.

Contact us:

Andre Santos
International Commercial Director