Coverontrip Travel Insurance Full ANTI-COVID19 UPDATES!

From Coverontrip we are conscious of the difficult times we are going through and we work daily to make it easier and for the light at the end of the tunnel to shine sooner. We are sure that together we will be able to reach the growth levels we had before the pandemic with new knowledge that will allow us to go further on. Trust in travelling will be reestablished.

Firstly, we would like to announce we have incorporated for ISTAA members the medical videoconference in all the policies that ISTAA members may purchase. Therefore, a chat with a doctor in English will be available for all your participants as long as they have purchased a policy with Coverontrip as well as being assisted in hospitals in any part of the world when it may be needed.

Secondly,  we would like to announce we are working on new ANTI-COVID 19 solutions such as the prolongued stay due to closed borders (pay until the policy limit if the insured finds himself stuck in the destination) or the delayed return due to closed borders (pay until the policy limit of the additional cost that the return travel may imply), among other coverages.

Friendly reminder that all the Coverontrip policies for ISTAA members insure currently the cancelation due to Covid illness of the participant and his or her assistance for Covid 19 illness.

A 360º solution. Additionaly, we want to state that we are trying our best to get the best pricing in 2021 despite these difficult times.

Finally, we would like to inform that Andre Santos has left his position. Therefore, David Martinez, Commercial Global Director at Coverontrip is going to be in charge of of handling from start to finish all the needs of ISTAA members. Also, two more people have joined David’s team and their roles will be to provide support to ISTAA members.

David Martínez: