ISTAA Board met at Fiumicino Hilton Airport

The  Board of Directors analyzed the  financial situation of the association and reviewed the documents prepared by Secretary General for the financial balance (July 2014 – June 2015) to be delivered to Swiss taxation office. Plans for the years 2015-2016 and most important events which will be supported by  members like Olympic Games in Rio, Euro 2016, Mens EHF EURO 2016  were discussed. ISTAA is proud to announce that during last 10 months 14 new members have been approved and 20 new applications are still pending. The idea most important elements of the future ISTAA ethical code  were discussed. Face lifting and  ISTAA website improvement in terms of interactive networking functions  was accepted and will be implemented soon. ISTAAs Board discussed draft program of the 7th AG Meeting in London on 5th of November at Chelsea FC. The reasonable price of the participation in ISTAA AGM 2015 (180 Euro per person) was approved. The ISTAA Board welcomed the new Board Member Mayank Khandwala (Cutting Edge Events India), who replaced  Christopher  Breuer (VIP Sport Travel), who resigned last month due to personal reasons. Thank you, Marco Mazzi  for your support  of  the meeting preparation.