JTB Corp., new Active Member

At JTB we are aiming to deepen and strengthen the positive emotional impact that sports can have. JTB SPORTS will accelerate the progress of the sports business into the future.

We will strive to create new value through various large-scale sporting events, including the TOKYO 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Tournament.

We will collaborate with organizations that contribute to the success of various competitions and to the continued growth of competitive sport, and, by conducting activation and marketing activities, we will explore new sports content with a view to the future.

Utilizing the JTB’s dedicated sports website JTB SPORTS WEB, we will not only disseminate information about large-scale sporting events and the appeal of each major sport, but will also contribute to the expansion of the sports market by promoting measures relating to travel products that are focused on watching sporting events.

JTB Corp.
Jiro Ishige,
Team Manager