New WhatsApp Work Groups


Dear Members,

to improve the chat work groups and make them more effective, we will re-arrange the existing groups and add some new one.

If you would like to be added to the new group or any of these groups, if you are not in yet, please send name/s of the participant/s together with the telephone numbers with international prefix, specifying the groups of interest, to

For a smooth operation of the groups, please remember to follow the participation rules and guidelines as provided upon joining.

These will be the new and re-arranged WhatsApp chat groups:

i.s.t.a.a. general: for any topics in general and/or events without a specific group.

i.s.t.a.a. football: all football. We will unify the 2 groups existing currently (European Football Exchange and European Club Travel)

The following groups will remain without modification:

i.s.t.a.a. training camps: for companies operating and involved in training camps

i.s.t.a.a. RWC 2019: for companies operating and involved in the event

i.s.t.a.a. Tokyo 2020: for companies operating and involved in the event

Wishing you, as always, a fruitful and successful cooperation!