Protect your Sports Trip with Coverontrip

Coverontrip offers you the best insurance options for your peace of mind:

Sports Cancellation Insurance: which covers more than 35 causes of cancellation, including the assumption that the insured becomes infected with coronavirus before travelling. In addition, it includes the clause of the injured where, if the client is injured, he can travel, but cannot practice sports (reason for the trip) he can cancel it without any problem.

Anti-COVID Travel Assistance: with coverage of medical expenses and hospitalization in the case of testing positive for coronavirus, plus another series of coverage of travel assistance and incidence on flights.

Cancellation Insurance for Any Reason: it is our top product because it allows the customer to cancel the trip for any reason. This insurance is a bit more expensive and must be purchased within 24 hours after the reservation was made, but it offers the client greater peace of mind when booking their trip.

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David Martínez Hernández